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Anupam Group India

​Anupam Group India is a Corporate Business Administration and Management in the health and pharmaceutical sector, a fast-growing organization based in New Delhi from 2012. We care about the people's health properly by approach the Indian System Of Medicine i.e. Ayurveda. Our pharmaceutical & health care franchises are establishing in various places in New Delhi as well as eastern India. Nowadays, Anupam Group India is planning to cover more ten different states of north, central, west & east India. We feel pleasure to inform you that, Anupam Group India(A.G.I.) had been started Ayurveda Pharmaceutical unit named Anup Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd (Ayurvedic Medicine company) in Feb-2018 and now it's exclusive ayurvedic patent/proprietary products are available in Pan India through online services. AGI operates the business under a total of four (4) divisions of itself.

1. Anupam Group India:-

For business management & total corporate operations for all divisions.


2. Anup Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd:-

A manufacturing unit for its own research-based and approved patent/proprietary herbal medicines.


3. Anupam Pharmaceutical:-

A trading unit of Anup Pharmaceutical under Anupam Group India.


4. Anupam Holistic Health Care:-

A health care division (OPD) under Anupam Group India.

Industrial Building

Our authority / Management team

Lovekush png.png
Lovekush Kumar Singh

Founder Chairman & Chief Director

Shareholder 2_edited.png
Dinesh Kumar Singh

M. D. & Sales Director

Anup PNG.png
Anup Kumar Singh

IT Expert, IT Head

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