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1. Probation:

  • You will be on probation for a period of two years from the date of your joining service. On com-pletion of this period, you wouldn’t be deemed to be confirmed, unless the company gives a con-firmation unless the company gives a confirmation in writing. The probation period would be auto-matically extended if the service was not discontinued. Automatic renewal of probation can be up to 2 times. Thereafter; should be mandatory to seek clarity of confirmation or discontinuation of services.

  • No extra leave will be allowed except only one (1) leave of per month during the probation period.

  • Employee shall not be entitled to earn leave, mediclaim, accidental insurance, and bonus during/for the probation period.

2. Documentation:

  • Original documents/certificates are required to be submitted at the time of joining for cross verifica-tion purposes of scanned / photocopy of submitted documents. Original documents will remain in the safe custody of the company till the cross verification becomes successful and then-after joining letter /offer letter shall be provided. The photocopies / scanned copies will be not returned.

  • The age limit should not be more than 33 years of age at the time of applying the form.


3. Fitness:

  • You are expected to be medically fit and provide a necessary medical certificate from the appointed hospital(s), doctor(s), of the company, or any other registered medical practitioner qualified BAMS, MD, Ph.D./MBBS, MD, Ph.D. Medical fitness costs will be shared equally only in the case of the appointed hospital(s) or doctors by the company.


4. Attendance:

  • Employee shall become under 09:30 am and company allowed 5 minutes ago & 2 late in a month with 15 days duration after that if any employee will come after 5 minutes late then we shall count that day and two half days convert in one day leave so we shall debit one day leave for two late in the employee's attendance sheet. Timing will be according to union/territory/ASM/ZSM for marketing staff.

  • For Delhi: 09:30 am to 07:00 pm. & other locations: 09:30 am to 07:00 pm.

  • For Doctors/Physicians at our clinic spots: 09:00 am to 01:00 pm & 05:30 am to 07:00 pm.

5. Holidays:

  • The holidays will be Holi, Deepawali, Dashara, Janmashtami, Mahaveer Jayanti, 15th August, 26th January- Total 7 which can be changed in the sole direction of management.

6. Leave:

  • Only one day of leave will be carried over to next month. Every worker who worked for a period of 300 days then E.L. will be credited @1 leave for every 20 days of working which can be taken in two installments with the prior approval of 30 days minimum notice. However, management can condone this mandatory period of 30 days at their sole direction on a case basis. The accumulated unused E.L./C.L. mat be used in the subsequent years or leave encashment may be availed at the F.Y. end.

  • The holiday of Sundays which are coming in between the leave taken will be considered as part of leave only.

  • The annual increment will be delayed by double the period of total leave without pay. Annual increment will be given on other performance-based and maximum up to 15% of basic pay.

  • For working on Sunday or other holidays as given by AGI one leave will be credited in C.L.

  • Casual leave can be availed for a maximum of 12 days in a year. In case of further emergency, leaves required the same can be commuted in lieu of E.L. formula for which will be (1) casual leave in lieu of (2) earned leave.

  1. Casual leave: 12,

  2. Earned leave 18

  3. Total leave: 30

  • Paid maternity leave of 60 days is allowed up to two children to all the female permanent employees if they choose to join after delivery.

  • Leave without permission will be considered an act of indiscipline and can be ground for the termination of the job with immediate effect or without any notice under the zero-tolerance policy.

  • Be noted: Vacation grants will not be for any kind of religious belief.


7. ZTP policies:

  • If found that any employee violating the rules and norms of the company or unethical behavior such as harassment, corruption, fraud, retaliation, and theft, employees must have understood that it operates as zero-tolerance attitude and it can be ground for the termination of the job with immediate effect or without any notice.


8. Reporting policies:

  • All employees are expected to complete their management information system before leaving the job or office.


9. LTC (Leave travel allowance:

  • For employees who complete five (5) years of working in our organization without interruption of service will be entitled to LTC on submission of Indian railway ticket (Sleeper class / 3 tier ac coach) for self + spouse + unmarried children below 18 years of age. The maximum payable LTC amount will equal one month of basic salary. This facility will be available only one time in an F.Y.


10. Bonus policies:

  • Shall be announced at the time of Deepawali based on the company's financial performance for previous F.Y. and will be payable to the employees who are on the roll of the company at that time.

11. PF & ESI:

  • PF & ESI shall be payable wherever application & deduction will be made as per PF & ESIC norms and regulations.

12. Mediclaim Policies:

  • Mediclaim shall be provided by the company for only those employees who do not undercover the ESIC scheme at the sole discretion of the management. Mediclaim costs will be shared equally by both i.e. company and employees.

13. Transfer:

  • Your headquarter is in New Delhi, but the company has the right to transfer you to any territory/zone of India at any time either before or after completion of the probation period. The company has also the right to your service from one department to another department matching with your skills & abilities, which is compulsory to accept & on such rotation efficiency has to be maintained. In the case of drop-in efficiency management may not be willing to reassign old duties to you.

  • Place of work: Place of work refers to; company occupied shop, factory, warehouse, store, superstore, franchises, etc.

  • Also, include the location of vendor/buyer (Reseller) wherever our products are being sold or produced/services are provided by the vendor to us.


14. Termination:

  • Your service may be terminated in case of manipulation of relevant documents, misguiding office staff and sales staff, not-working attitude, poor performance in your work and conduct is not satisfactory during the probation period or thereafter, then your service may be terminated by the company without assigning any reason or any prior notice.

  • In case you are resigning from the service of the company, the notice period to the company will be a minimum of one month and the charge needs to hand over at Head office Delhi.

  • The appointment letter is subject to the correctness of the information furnished by you in the application form and also at the time of the interview held with us. During the course of your employment with us at the time, the information already furnished by you is found incorrect; your service will stand automatically terminated without any prior notice or reason. 

  • Your service will be also terminated on any information on product specification, sales figures, of our company, and any other confidential information which is of strategic nature, cannot be given or disclosed to any person who could be said to be our competitor or would-be competitor.

  • Your service could be terminated if you are found medically mentally unfit at any time during the course of employment.

  • Moreover, if and when management feels suspicious about your integrity or loss of confidence in you, your services are liable to be terminated after the process of law.

  • You are also aware that you are involved in highly confidential work. If it is found during the course of your employment with us that you are involved in taking of bribe/commission of favor any individual/party/employee, the management shall have the right to terminate your services with immediate effect, and dues shall be forfeited.

  • If any time you are found guilty of dishonesty, disobedience, disorderly behavior, negligence, indiscipline, absence from duty without permission, and/or any other conduct which is considered by the company detrimental to the company or violence of one or more items of this letter, your services can be terminated without notice.

  • Consumption of liquor or non-veg (Homemade or from outside) is strictly prohibited in the company-occupied company-occupied business premises.

  • Management clearly states that it will be considered as a punishable offense and would be ordered to leave the job with immediate effect.

  • Deficiency in stock/cash employees working in accounts and job involved handling of cash employees involved in residuary input for work/warehouse buying goods in cash shall be liable & accountable to present expenditure statement (s) & cash tallying.

  • Warehouse/godown personnel shall account for stock, any discrepancy of over 1Lakhs (to apply) to a total period of 365 days shall be recoverable from the team & team manager/supervisors / ZSM / ASM or superiors.

  • Detection of default amounts to a breach of trust & act with mala-fide. Service of such employees would be immediately terminated & such commercial recovery for the company would be separately initiated for leftover recovery & damage to the work ethics of the company & its reputation.

15. Deduction:

  • If your services work facilitated through a placement agency then 15 days salary equivalent will also be deducted.

  • If service is discontinued in the first six months, one month salary would be deducted as notice pay if the candidate leaves the job during the probation period or without approved notice any settlement other than above shall be the discretion of management.

16. Gender issues:

  • It is important that any staff, both male & female should keep a distance from the opposite gender inside of the business premises. Any contact is other than a handshake that may be taken as an offense. High moral standards are a must. The company will not responsible for outside any contacts. Its responsibility goes to candidates.

17. Activities outside of office/company premises:

  • Any employee who commits an offensive act, such as theft, any unsocial activities, monetary frauds, or embezzlement which may bring disrepute to the company may be asked to leave service immediately.

18. Appraisal & Increments:

  • At the end of every f.y. an employee may be asked for appraisal & also for KRA. Thereafter, with each cycle of KRA & KPA. End of every quarter/half-year/year, as an employee, must for an appraisal. Circumventing appraisal or not being available to present for appraisal.

  • The appraisal would be based on principally, punctuality, regularity, behavior, quality of work, output (efficiency), initiative (growth targets & additional skills enhanced), and additional responsibilities requested.

19. Personal finance credit/debit card:

  • No employee to call personal account statement to office address & use office address as an interaction point with any financial context/institutions.

  • Note: office address + Place of work.


20. Change of address:

  • Your change in the address will be informed to the company from time to time. A valid address proof will be needed to make updates to the address. While previous addresses will not be removed permanently.

21. Office equipment & tools:

  • Any device such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tools for machinery measuring devices, barcode readers provided to staff would be maintained properly. Data backup of the work done on a basis falls under the natural duty of staff. Cleaning & reposting clean all devices & desks is the personal responsibility of staff. Negligence would invite negative attention & loss of device & work (if data not backed up) would be made good by the employee. No double payment of such would be done.

22. Jurisdiction, Secrecy & Privacy:

  • Jurisdiction if any will be acceptable only District court of East Delhi/Delhi high court or Labour court east Delhi

  • You will work honestly and efficiently to promote the business of the organization and will not indulge yourself in any activity which is or likely to be against the interest of the company. Any information you gather during the course of your duty and launches etc. Would not be disclosed till deemed date. You are not authorized to make any advance in the shape of cash/stocks etc from any level of the market like our authorized and state distribution, retail market, etc.

  • The email facility provided to you by the company is to be used exclusively for the company’s official business.

  • The company will have the right to check the email sent & received. Sending any information related to the company’s commercial/financial/technical data to unauthorized persons will be treated as a breach of trust and a serious offense. You will be responsible for the misuse of emails and all their cotheirnsequences including litigation arising.


23. Dressing sense:

  • You will come officially properly dressed. But personnel dressing sense beliefs by an employee on the ground of religious faith would not be considered.

      Dressing manners( male).

  • Summer: Full sleeves white shirt, & formal dark blackish-blue pants (jeans pants not allowed), Clean shaving or trimmed beard, Black formal shoos, Black belt.

  • Winter: Full sleeves white shirt, & formal dark blackish-blue full pants (jeans pants not allowed) Blazers, and ties Clean shaving or trimmed beard, Black formal shoos Black belt.

​      Dressing manners( for females)

  • Summer: Full/folded sleeves white shirt, & formal dark blackish-blue paint or formal skirts knee length (jeans pants not allowed), Black formal shoos, Black belt.

  • Winter: Full sleeves white shirt, & formal dark blackish-blue full pants (jeans pants not allowed) and Blazers and ties, Black formal shoos, Black belt.

  • Stringent applicable to staff which is supposedly meeting clients & customers at premises or outside during the normal course of duty.

24. Retirement:

  • You will be retired from the service of the company on attaining the age of 60 years of age as per the company record. However, if the employee is willing to work after the age of 60, then he should make a confidential declaration himself as a request. Management will have the right to give exten-sion or service or not.


25. Exit policies:

  1. For leaving the job: 60days notice from either side is a must. Salary for the differential period as the case may be, However in the case of employees on probation 45 days’ notice from either side will be sufficient. For immediate resigning the job, please prefer the Annexure-A of service agreement.

  2. In case any employee leaves/is terminated, the mediclaim premium + accidental insurance premium (for the balance period) will be deducted from his/her final settlement.

  3. Original certificates which are lying with the company will be handed over to him/her at the time of leaving of job, if not returned after cross verification at the joining time.


 Please sign the attached copy of the appointment letter and return it for our record in the token of your acceptance.

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