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  A growing career with

Anupam Group India  

Anupam Group India is a fast-growing organization based in New Delhi. We care about the people's health properly by approach the Indian System of Medicine i.e. Ayurveda, regardless of ability to pay. Our Ayurved health care franchises are establishing in various places in New Delhi as well as eastern Uttar Pradesh & Ambala Cantt. Nowadays, Anupam Group India is planning to cover more than 10 cities in three different states as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana. Hereby we feel pleasure to inform you that now, that the organization Anupam Group India(A.G.I.) has been started Ayurveda Pharmaceutical unit named Anupam Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd (Ayurvedic Medicine company) and currently there are few job openings for the same. So, let us notify you that, We are just hiring for various profiles as under-

Medical fitness self-declaration/Medical fitness is mandatory to submit the application.

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